Feature Request: Task Numbering



I would like to request a feature that will allow the user to add a custom field for tasks that will auto-populate a unique number (ID). The more we use Asana, with the volume of tasks, the more task numbering becomes a need. This is a feature that I have had in several previous platforms, which allowed us to include a job (task) ID on anything printed, emailed, etc. for easy tracking and fast historical referencing. This would be a huge benefit to users to have this feature.

Please add Unique Task/Bug numbers

Neat idea


I like task numbering in Jira or Redmine. They have short task numbers which are project-wide or company-wide unique. It’s much easier to remember task numbers with 1-5 digits than 15 character long task identifiers in Asana. Asana users don’t need task numbers, which are globally unique. Project-wide unique task numbers are enough. So task identifiers will be used in URLs, but task numbers will be used by humans to easily refer to a specific task in a conversation. Currently I add task numbers into task titles manually. But if task numbers were built into Asana it would be much better. I never move tasks between projects so there’s no issue for me that task numbers will become not unique once tasks have been moved to another project. And I think many other people too. If someone will still have the need to do it, Asana could ask which task should get a new number. And for people who frequently move tasks between projects I propose to impletement option to comletely disable task numbers


Yeah definitely I’m looking forward to having this - or similar - feature. I’ve started searching for some external integrations originally, as the task numbering would be ultimately support ticket numbering in our setup. So would be way more manageable. Thanks in advance @Asana_team !!


I would also like to request this feature. Tools like Jira assign a 3 or 4 digit number to each card/task. When communicating with co-workers it is much easier to say “I’m working on task 123” rather than "I’m working on task "


I can’t stump for this one enough. Here’s a set of related requests that should make task numbering a breeze to use:

  1. In the “Edit Name & Description…” dialog of a Project, add a “Tag” field whose value will be used in two places:
  • In the label that appears after task names in project lists (so instead of trying to render “User Management Console” in a label, it would just display the project’s “UMC” tag name)
  • As the prefix of task numbers assigned in the current project
  1. I love that typing “:” at the end of a task name instantly turns it into a section. Typing “:#” in a task name would be autoreplaced by a combination of the project’s tag name and an incrementing count of numbered tasks in the current project (e.g. “:# Set up user access” becomes “UMC1 Set up user access”)


Has this request been picked up for development? How do I find its current status?


Asana is not sharing any information about the roadmap or progress, so you just have to be patient :slight_smile:


Awesome, that’s exactly how I’d expect task referencing to work and it’s such an elegant solution! Asana team, I really hope you’re considering this


Yes! Please add this essential task tracking feature! Every bug/task tracking tool I’ve ever used has this basic yet vital 1-4 digit AutoId to reference the ticket with.


Yes, this would be a massive improvement!


This feature would be so valuable! Selfishly, I really hope to see it soon.


I generally prefer Trello but this client is using Asana. Trello lists the task ID in the URL with the title of the task, for example ‘43-task-title’. This is super useful for creating a unique git feature branch that is descriptive and can be directly related to the task.


+1 for this feature, a 3-5 digit number is much easier to remember and track than natural language title


/friendly bump @Asana


This would be a great feature indeed


+1 for this. Coming from Jira, this is a must-have. For any serious project manager, the sheer volume of tasks means a ticket ID is a necessity.


For anyone looking for a third party solution for this, please try the following:

  1. Register for a trial of Project Processes here: http://bit.ly/2xMBkVk
  2. Create a new process and connect Asana with a Custom Action.
  3. Complete the Asana authorization process.
  4. Click on Get Started under Auto Numbering.
  5. Complete the wizard.

You can setup a prefix for the number, a suffix, a starting offset, etc. We can utilize custom fields or simply prepend the information to the task name which works better for searching or non-premium users. If you have any questions or issues getting going, please send me a message.

Task Order with Ripple

+1 (and my whole team of 60)


+1 this is a requirement for our team adopting Asana. Such a shame as the functionality is exactly what we’re looking for. As we’re in a rush (and there’s no roadmap shared) we’re going to have to adopt another tool for now but will keep an eye on this.