Unique Project numbers

Hi! I was hoping Asana can generate unique job numbers for projects, not tasks. I need a unique job ticketing system at the project level to marry up with our folder saving structure. Please help!

Welcome to the Forum @Sam_Halpern and thank you for reaching out!

Sincere apologies here but I’m not completely sure to understand your question. Would you mind giving us more context or perhaps providing an example?

P.S.: Could this be what you are looking for? Project number.
If yes, I would encourage you to cast your vote and comment to the thread.

Looking forward to your reply Sam!

Thank you Natalia,

Yes, that thread was exactly what I was after. Please forward this feedback to your team:

We are looking at upgrading our systems and we all love Asana except for
this one MAJOR missing feature - project numbers!!! This is such a no-brainer and an essential component. Unfortunately we’ll have to look elsewhere if this feature is not either imminent or in the pipeline.

Samantha Halpern

Thank you for your feedback @Sam_Halpern! I completely understand your point! I’ll make sure to pass it onto our Product Team and Engineers.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!