See project name on each task on Board view

I would like to have each task card display the project name in asana so that users can see what project is linked to each task quickly is this possible?

Hi @Chris_Anaya, thanks for reaching out! At the moment you can see the project where the task is added when you click on a task in Board view:

However, it’s currently not possible to see the name of the project on each card in board view!

Ok is this something that can be added as a feature? I have used Trello in the past and this was very much needed because we have multiple projects with the same task but need to have a quick visual what project the person is referring to. I would think this would be a feature that would enhance Asana for all users.

Of course, @Chris_Anaya! Thanks for your feedback! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow other customers to upvote. Don’t forget to add your vote as well, thank you!

I have created a custom field “Project” and populated it with the project name. Then it shows up on the card.


how do I vote thank you

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At the very top of this page, there is a purple “vote” button. Click it to vote.

Trello has a Google Chrome plugin to be able to do this and we would like something similar (if it is not a configuration we have missed in Asana somewhere?)

Basically, we have a main board that is out Action board that pulls cards from client boards. Our Outsource team then has access to only this team (board) to carry out the tasks but it is hard to read the client names on the cards.

Is there a Google plugin that exists like this or is there a config we have missed?

Many thanks

In the above image, you can see what we need

Hi again @James29 - thanks for this great feedback!

This is not currently possible in Asana however, I have gone ahead and also moved this post to the Product Feedback category where others will be able to upvote :slight_smile:

We will let you know if there are any updates around this in the future :slight_smile:

Someone could actually build the same kind of Chrome extension but for Asana :slight_smile: I am guessing the Trello extension does not come from them directly, does it?

Hi Bastien, no it doesn’t and unfortuantely, we dont have the time. But @Rebecca_McGrath - of someone in your team could reverse engineer this one, that would be excellent

I’ve pinged Chuck Hardy to point him here and see if he can help us out

The guy who created the Trello plugin

Hi all, thanks for the invite on Twitter

Looking at the Asana code (see below), it’s not as easy as it was with Trello. The extension for Trello shows what was hidden from the user in the code. In Asana, the project name is not in the HTML code, so finding it would be more challenging.

The task id is available, and the API Docs show that you can use this to get the projects. This would possibly allow you to achieve the desired goal.

I don’t have the capacity to dig much deeper to see how to make this work or write the extension to do so. Happy to guide anyone willing to give it a shot.

Keep well!

Thank you Chuck, I will give it a shot if @Rebecca_McGrath can put me in contact with a dev at Asana who can help us inject the name into that div?

@james29 I would try posting in the #developersapi category where some of our devs are active, however I can’t promise they’ll have bandwidth to help with this type of request!

We actually have another thread on the same topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your request with this thread, and I’ll be sure to send a note to our team to consider this update in the future.


I have reached out to them, thanks @Rebecca_McGrath

Will wait to hear from them

I would love it if this was available!

Hi all,

FYI, I can provide an alternative solution - it’s not exactly what you’re asking for but you might find it useful. Via the Rules automation in our Flowsana integration, you can add the project name to the task name itself whenever a new task is created. This is not just a visual display of the project name as you’re asking for; it actually changes the task’s name so it includes the project name.

If this is of interest to you, let me know and I’ll post an illustration of how to do it (spoiler alert: it’s easy).