View project name on task view

In task view you can view the colour code of a project, but you can’t see the name of that project. We’re not a big company but when you have dozens of projects at once it would be good to see what particular project a task relates to, without having to click on it.

Hi Tom,

Can you clarify what you mean by “task view”? There are a lot of different task views within Asana… (A screenshot could be helpful.)

Also, to make sure, are you aware that you can add “Projects” as a column in any List view?

Apologies, I mean when you are viewing as a ‘Board’. I have noticed that it actually already does this when sub-tasks are assigned - it would be good to be able to have the same sort of ID for ‘Projects’ also. See attached screenshot.

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Ah, got it! There is an existing topic on this so I merged your initial post into it.