Webhook for Project Creation

I am in the process of assessing the best method for an integration between Asana and another service.

One approach that was proposed was to receive a notification via Asana webhooks when a project is created, when its name is edited, when it is archived, and when it is deleted.

The first question then arose: is it possible to create a webhook at the “workspace” or “team” level (or some other approach) that would allow webhook notifications to be received whenever a project is created?


Unfortunately I have to share some bad news with you. You are not able to get a notification when a project is created. Webhooks are on a project or task level so you need a project or task to create a webhook on that.

The solution, (if you need to register a webhook) is to check the projects in a team maybe and if a new project appeared to create a webhook on this in order to receive updates.

Also you will not get any event for the project when it’s deleted. Bad thing but this is what we have :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I think that you don’t need to register a webhook for your case. Just track the projects of a team polling every 15 mins or something.

Hope I helped.

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Thanks a lot - very helpful (and time-saving) to have validation of all these things; it is as it thought, though I couldn’t quite verify it from my own searches across the web, here on this forum, and in the docs.

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Hi, I see in zapier they have a trigger for whenever a new project is created, so if there is no Webhook for it, how can they implement a trigger for new Project, are they keeping on doing API requests every minute to compare with existing projects?

Hi @Shmuel_Prizant,

The Zapier action for “new project” runs only once every 15 minutes. So I’m sure Zapier is polling for new projects at that interval.

Update: The ability to have webhooks at the project level/scope may be coming soon. See Upcoming webhook improvements

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