Webhooks - Project changes


I’m configuring some webhooks to monitor when informatioin is changed on several project.
I’ve the business version with Porfolios, and I’m trying to get an update when a project custom field is changed.

I’ve created a Webhook related with a project, and I get an update every time a task is changed, but I don’t get it when the project itself is changed.

Any ideas why? Is this the normal behavior? Is there a way to get a list of the actions that trigger webhooks?


Hi @diego.corubolo

Unfortunately, this is correct - we don’t send any events for project-level changes, only events which happen on tasks. We may change this in the future, but for now you will have to periodically make requests for the status of the custom fields on the project rather than getting events or webhooks :confused:

Thanks for the feedback, and we’ll make a record of the suggestion.

Thanks for the update Matt!

Would be a nice update for the future, for now I guess I can poll for projects and check fit there was any change