Webhooks are not fired for Projects at workspace level

We have a webhook for Projects for the event when they are created which is at workspace level. so till now for all projects created it was working fine but we now have different teams within the same workspace and for a project created in a new team the webhook is not being fired.

Project added/changes webhooks are at workspace level so it should’ve worked correctly even if I create a new team and project in the same workspace.

Can anyone let me know the what could I do to get the webhook work correctly?



Maybe look at the credentials you used to set up the web hook. If you are using a PAT, maybe that person is not part of the team?

@Phil_Seeman any other idea?

I’m afraid I don’t have any ideas other than what Bastien mentioned - that the new team(s) are not accessible to the Asana account you’re authenticated to (whether using OAuth or a PAT, it would be the same possible issue).