Asana Webhook for Task with specific Name

Hello, I am using a Zapier + Asana Integration.

Now when a project gets created, I can use that as a trigger to make some actions.

Additional, I am trying to set up a trigger, when a project is finished.

For that reason I thought about, making a task in project with the name “Project finished” and when this task in a project gets finished, it should hit the webhook.

Is that even possible?

Do you have any better Ideas how I can trigger when a Project is finished?

Hi @Dany_Van_der_Meij1,

You can’t set a webhook only for a task with a specific name, but you could certainly set a webhook for “task changed” and when you receive an event, check the name of the task triggering the webhook and if it’s the one you’re looking for, check whether it’s completed.