Pull data from Asana API to Google Sheets

Hello Asana Community,

Last year, I created an add-on called API Connector that pulls data from Asana and other platforms to Google Sheets. This has been extremely popular with the Asana community, so I wanted to share a quick summary of what it does:
-gets data from the Asana API to Google Sheets without code
-posts data from Google Sheets to Asana
-easy-to-use interface
-choose whether new data should overwrite or append to existing data
-reference cells in API requests for dynamic queries
-schedule API pulls to refresh automatically (paid feature)
-advanced features like auto pagination handling (paid feature)


Creator, API Connector


I’ll have a look at possibly add it to The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana!

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Awesome! Happy to answer questions or add more detail on specific aspects of the API, just let me know.


bump on what? Me adding the tool to the list?

Hi @Ana_K !

I was wondering if your API works for extracting Goals data in ASANA.

Thank you very much!


@M_Àngels_Jover you can check out the documentation directly.