Asana and google sheets

Hello forum. New user here

I see a lot of posts around importing and exporting as well as some zappier type things but none seem to cover what I think is a really basic requirement - am I missing something obvious ?

I want to see tabular data - like a spreadsheet in the task detail in Asana

And ideally I would like this to automatically update from a data source. Ideally google sheets

I hope this is a simple request? Any one doing it and if so how !!!?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Steve_Jones4 :wave:

Not sure if you are aware about the Asana Google Sheet integration?

You can directly connect files with Asana


Now the table won’t directly be visible in Asana, you’d still have to click on the link to open the spreadsheet for example.
However you can receive comment notifications from docs, sheets, etc
More info here.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks Andrea. Especially for the quick reply.

I really want my customer to see the data in ASAna so it’s just one place to go - do u think this is possible ?

Natively that is not possible, maybe with some extensions or API.
However not sure if it would even function properly then because Google Spreadsheet tables can be very big and contain a massive amount of data (rows, columns, etc)