Import and Auto-Update Google Sheet data in Asana Project, Then Create Tasks and Rules

I’m relatively new to Asana, so I’m hoping someone can provide an answer to a workflow issue.

I have a Google Sheet based on Google Form responses. I’d like to link this sheet to Asana and have that data auto-update in Asana at regular intervals. There is a specific column in the sheet that I need to monitor for a specific response (severity of issue). If that answer is X, then I’d like Asana to create a task and send me a notification to review that submission.

Is this possible? Am I asking for too much? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Welcome, @Jordan_Reese,

For the first part, you’ll need a third-party connector app like or

For the next part, you can do that natively with Asana rules (see Asana Help for details).



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