Is there a way to automatically create tasks when a Google sheet is updated with a new form response without having to import CSV?

I have created a Google form and want to be able to create tasks in Asana based on the form response fields.
I have been able to successfully import a CSV of the response data from the Google sheet to create tasks and everything works beautifully - but is there a way to automatically ‘push’ updates on the Google sheet to Asana to avoid having to download to CSV and importing into Asana? I have tried Napier but I am using custom fields and I can’t figure out how to have the Asana columns populate in the task - instead of just being added to the ‘notes’ within the task.
Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Cassandra_Procopion!

I recommend switching to Asana forms directly :). Then you will be able to easily set up form branching, custom field mapping and a lot more.

Otherwise here is more info on the integration.
For more customized feature you‘d probably have to check tools such as Zapier, Tray or others.

But definitely test out Asana forms in case you haven‘t already.

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