Asana & Google Sheet Integration

Hello Developers & API,

I have been banging my head against the wall with Zapier for the last week. I am trying to create a zap that pulls over my custom fields into a google sheet when a new task is created in a specific project. My main goal here is to create a master client list that pulls all my custom fields information into a Google sheet to use for marketing purchases. Can anyone walk me through how to create an integration with an Asana Script.

Thank you

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Hey @Jennifer_Turchi,

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I have a similar scenario - I want to add a row to a google sheet whenever a task with a certain tag is created. The data I want to pull over is:

project name
task start date
task finish date

It sounds like it should be simple, but I’m really struggling!

Thanks in advance for your help!



Would like to do something similar : add a row in GG Sheets for each task in a specific projet

How can i do that ?

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