What can I do with Custom Field Data, Time fields, and Google Sheets?

We have a Project “Production Calendar” that is using the “Estimated Time” and “Actual Time” fields provided by Asana to track Estimated and Actual time for each task.

I am hoping there’s a way to have Asana automatically add data to a Google Sheet when the task is marked complete.

Task Name for Column A, and Estimated/Actual time in the following columns.

I’m aware that Zapier MIGHT be able to do this but I’ve had enough spotty success with Zapier that I’m not particularly interested in this.

We are on Business level and also using Flowsana, if this helps.

Also note that I am aware that Dashboard can do a lot of handy graphs, but GSheets has way, way handier graphs.

Hi @Matt5 and thanks for your question, :wave:

Apparently, the feature exists, but could maybe be activated by support after request.

Also, please don’t hesitate to search on the multiple existing articles on that topic

Hope that could help :wink:

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Hi @lpb

Would you advise merging this topic with Export Live Data from Asana into Google Sheet ?


Hi @Arthur_BEGOU,

I think Matt is asking for a GSheets row to be added when an Asana task is marked complete, whereas Sync to GSheets is different–it syncs all tasks in the project.

I think zapier.com, make.com, and the like are the primary solutions.



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Sorry @Matt5

Indeed, Larry is right, my suggestion doesn’t imply the automation part of your request.



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