Export Live Data from Asana into Google Sheet

At my previous job, I had the option to export a checklist from Asana directly into Google sheets with a code I would copy and paste into Google Sheets. This would allow anything that was done in Asana to be tracked real time in Google with an automatic 1 hour refresh or manual refresh as needed. My current job uses Asana but the option to export into Google is not included in the options (Current options are only CSV, JSON, Print or Sync to Calendar. How do I get the option to export live data into Google sheets via a link?

You can’t get that code :slight_smile: ?
This does not exist as a feature, so I am guessing it was custom coded by someone at your previous company.


You should try requesting “Sync to Google Sheets” be activated for your projects by contacting Asana Support at support@asana.com. I had to request it initially (and it’s still available for me):


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is this the automation available at the portfolio level in the export menu? or something else?

@Bastien_Siebman, This is something else.

Sync to Google Sheets at the portfolio level for projects is part of regular Asana (for Business and Enterprise).

Sync to Google Sheets at the project level for tasks must be requested.


I did not know, thanks!

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