BUG? Export > Sync tasks to Google Sheets

I noticed that when exporting a project or report to Google Sheets, any dates (e.g. start date, due date, created, last modified, etc.) render as a random(?) 5-digit number rather than a date format. However, the dates render correctly when exporting to .CSV format.

Please let me know if this is an error on my side! Thanks :slight_smile:


Usually, that 5-digit number is really a date, just formatted as an integer. You ought to be able to reformat it as a date within Google Sheets: Format/Number/Date.


Could you please tell me how you set up Google Sheets as a printer? I’d like to export a report to Google Sheets, however, I don’t have that as a “printer” option.

Like this. I have Premium, not sure if this is available in other service tiers.

I am trying the Business level…, however, I don’t see that option.

That is mysterious.

i see you show the export on Tasks you’ve created. Do you have the same options when exporting a report or project?

Yes, I do. I take it you do not?

I do not


@Brenda, @Stephanie_Oberg,

At one point I had to request Asana Support to enable this, see:

Perhaps that’s still the case?

There’s also this (for Portfolios):

Hope that helps,


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Yes, that’s right, I had totally forgotten having had to do that.


Thanks! Is there any way to have it automatically export as a date so I don’t have to manually reconfigure the exported file every time?

Not that I’m aware of. You could write a macro and create a button to apply it, thus reducing the tedium slightly.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Well, I had the same issue with the native export and then I found this - How to Connect Asana and Google Sheets (integration) - Automate.io

However it wasn’t easy. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Connect your Asana and Google Sheets accounts.
  2. Now add a Formatter (it’s a built-in app which is used to convert data such as text, dates, etc.) between Asana and Google Sheets.
  3. Map the date fields from Asana to the Formatter to convert them into a standard date format.
  4. Then map them to your spreadsheet.

Note: This only works for new Asana tasks. Also, if you need some info on the formatter app read this - Formatter | Help Center | Automate.io

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But then how to do sort those values in g-sheets, I format as Date, then do the sort range steps one does in G sheets, but it re-orders back to the integer value, I think. it’s difficult user expereince.

?? is there a solution you know of?