Easier csv exports

Asana is great transition from Google Sheets, but we should have the ability to export projects and tasks easily. While there is a nice report for project status updates, if we want to share a list or data with leaders, it’s really hard to extract that information.

The current export option offer a dynamic link to pastes into Sheets, but you can’t edit the sheet, delete columns, or clean up the information. We should be able to easily export static project information into sheets, especially since we’re using Asana as an information hub.

Hi @Michelle_McFarlane1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Could you provide some more information on what exactly you would like to see in a CSV export update? This way other users wishing to add their vote to your request will know exactly what to vote for and our Product team have a clearer understanding of your wishes.

Also, have you tried out Asana2Go? This might help you meet your needs. Adding @lpb, the creator, for some assistance :slight_smile:

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