Export all projects to the Google Spreadsheet



Hi, community,

We would like to (have to) export all projects to a single spreadsheet for follow-up all tasks on the one page.

Why we need this feature;

We have more than 20 clients and goings up. Each Monday we send the updates about the opened task for each of the clients and takes 6 hours to do by manually!

To increase proactivity we need a solution to export all projects task to Google Spreadsheet. Then we can easily push the status to our email template.

Before to create this task, I researched on the community, I tried tools such as Bridge24 but doesn’t work. And also export to CSV solution doesn’t work well. Please check the result screenshot. http://prntscr.com/jq7991

The closest topics are Export all tasks from all projects to single spreadsheet and there are many topics like that. Seems solved but actually, I don’t think they find a way :frowning:

We are open to all suggestions (even the paid one) We love to use Asana and this missing feature is started to block our project management progress.

Have a great day!


I am working on a custom dashboard solution that might fit your needs! Can you contact me at siebmanb@gmail.com? Thanks a lot!

Asana consultant, author and developer