Export all tasks from all projects to single spreadsheet



I am in the process of adjusting to Asana after using Smartseets, and I am having a bit of a hard time getting used to what feels like a siloed approach to projects in Asana. I assume I am missing something about Asana. Is there a way to export all tasks and subtasks from all projects to a single spreadsheet that allows me to view all of my work and all of my teams work in a single place? I want to be able to open/collapse/sort things by project, task level, person responsible, due date etc. So far in Asana it seems there is no way to integrate all projects.
If this kind of total export is not possible, what is Asana’s solution to this problem?
Thank you community!

Export all projects to the Google Spreadsheet

Hello - me again. I should add “all teams” to this request. Trying to get everything I have in Asana into single spreadsheet.


@David_Channer I believe if you are the administrator you can do this with an Advanced Search and a CSV file export. Otherwise you may need privileges to Teams and projects. I will caution you in advance that the CSV file export needs additional work and that has been discussed. You can also look at a pretty nifty third party service www.bridge24.com/asana and if you are a PC user I donated a tool to create PDF’s.
CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community


Thank you James_Carl
I am able to use advanced search to generate the list of all tasks, but the “Export to CSV” is only visible back in the Project view. How do I export to CSV from this advanced search screen?
I appreciate the help!!



Thank you for this reply. I was able to export to CSV, but it does not include crucial information such as:

Person assigned to task
Person assigned to sub-task

Is there no way to get this sort of information all in one project management spreadsheet?


Are you a Windows User or MAC


Hello, we are on PCs


Did you try my tool that I contributed free for PC Users.


Another possibility would be creating a master project, and since tasks can be assigned multiple projects, assign the master project to all tasks in all projects. Then csv export the master project.