Asana integration with Google Sheets

I use Asana to plan and deliver projects for clients, at a marketing agency. I need a way to export an Asana project into Google Sheets, so that I can then delete some tasks/rows that I don’t want clients to see. Is this possible?

If not, is there a tool out there that will support this? I looked at Instagantt but it doesn’t appear to let you delete rows/edit without it updating the Asana project (which I don’t want).

Welcome, @Maddie2,

In the Project Actions menu next to the project name there’s Export/Print > CSV.

But another approach is to select the tasks you want and output them in one of 20 or so different formats (or CSV file of just the selections is also an option). Disclaimer: I’m the creator.

You’ll also find many posts here in the Forum about what you can do, articles, and videos.


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Export the project as a CSV.

Import to sheets.

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