Reporting by Task Creator

Is there any way to see who created a task in the CSV export report from Asana? We have Asana Business Licensing. We are trying to figure out how many tasks individuals created and who is creating the most “Rush” Tasks in Asana. Note that we have a field for “Rush” tasks.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Some background:

Our Marketing Team uses Asana to manage the creation of all marketing content and programs. Our department of ~30 people completed ~500 pieces of content/programs in Q1, as such, all of our content/programs are managed as tasks with specific subtasks (that act like tickets) going to specific team project for that team to manage that component (e.g., a design subtask for a image is sent to a specific project for a designer to create an email header.).

We now want to look back to see how much content individuals created and what % of them were rushed (i.e., forced to complete faster than our standard SLAs) and who requested the creation of what content.

Hi @Jeff_Gunn, you should be able to do this with an Advanced Search. Just click on “Search” in the upper right of the page and scroll down to Advanced Search (note this is only avail with Premium/Business).

Then click on the +Add Filter --> People–>Created By. Leave it blank for all or filter as you like.


For your “Rush” field, click on the +Add Filter–>Add Custom Field. And then type in the name of your field.


Run the report and you can click on the “Search Results” title in the upper left and export it to a CSV.

Hope this helps!


Thank you @Bernie_Orelup! That was exactly what I was thinking to recommend here.

@Jeff_Gunn if you have any follow up questions let us know :+1:

Thanks, @Emily_Roman and @Bernie_Orelup

Unfortunately, when I export to CSV there is no column showing “Created by”. Does the created by data not export to CSV? I am working on building pivot tables so that I can look at this data across our entire department not just by user. Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks.


First, are you aware of:

If that doesn’t work, see the following:

Asana2Go outputs a CSV with Creation Date from search results or a project

You can also play around with your data and kind of do live “pivots” using:

Hope one of those helps!


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Hi @Jeff_Gunn, you are correct that the export to CSV doesn’t show the “Created by” column. What is interesting, is the Asana search results doesn’t even show the Created by value. If I selectively choose a single “Created by” person, it does display the correct task search results and such (but it doesn’t display the created by name to then export to CSV). It does correctly show the Tags and such.

@Emily_Roman, not sure if this is a known issue? You can filter by “Created by” value in advanced search, but it doesn’t display the results?

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You are right @Bernie_Orelup. I just tested this and the report will include all tasks create by a specific user (if I search by one user) but it won’t create a “Created by” column. I also checked internally and we currently don’t offer that option. Sorry for the confusion @Jeff_Gunn!

As a workaround, you can try searching by a single task creator, export your report and then manually add a column with their name. I know it can be very manual but it’ll help you create your report.

Hey Jeff! If your need is to see the task creator in your CSV export, then Bridge24 for Asana could be a solution for you. Our Export Engine actually exports all fields, including “Created by” and “Created at”. Come take a look.