Conditional formatting for Google Sheet synced with Asana

I use Asana at work, and I’m using the “Sync with Google Sheets” feature to sync all tasks and subtasks of a project to a Google Sheet. However, when I try to do conditional formatting for the due date column on the Google Sheet, the formatting works for a while but then disappears after a few hours (presumably when new changes from Asana sync with the Sheet). Does anyone know a solve for this?

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My understanding is that, as long as you don’t make your changes to the one tab that reserved for the live data feed updates, your changes will be persisted. Can you make sure you’re making your changes only in another tab?




Thanks so much for getting back to me! I’ve been making changes to the live data feed updates tab–what should I be doing? Because if I copy everything into a new tab, it won’t sync changes from Asana, right?

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As I recall, there’s a Readme or intro tab that explains the structure of the sheet, so check that for details.

Don’t you see other tabs besides the live data tab? One other tab appears as a replica of the live data tab but it actually has only references to the live data tab; you could modify that tab.

I don’t see any other tabs. The Live Data tab is the only one that appears when I do the sync (see screenshot)

Sorry, @Anne_Accardi, you’re correct. I forgort Asana had updated this integration to work differently now.

But you can see the instructions I was talking about, and the approach you’d want to use, here:

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This resolved my issue–thanks so much for your help!

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