Asana Portfolio - Google sheets automatic update refresh rate

Hi there,

I am happy (enough) with the Asana Portfolio ‘report’ in Google Sheets however I cannot find anywhere what the refresh rate is for the live data?

I have tired updating my portfolio then reexporting back into Google Sheets but it still states that my last automatic update was a few hours ago.

Is there any way to control this? Having properly live information is important to me, or at the very least, knowing the frequency at which it refreshes the live data.

I’ve tried to find what this refresh rate is, too, but haven’t had any luck.

If you’re looking for a reliable method for syncing your Asana data to a Google Sheet, Velocity has a feature called Data Links, which sync Asana data to Google Sheets automatically. The only refresh delay there is that Google Sheets refreshes the data hourly, but we’ve found that this works for most use cases. We don’t support Portfolio data in Data Links yet, but we’re working on it.

Here’s the workflow for creating a Data Link, but you can find more information in the “Data Links” link above:

(Disclosure: I’m a founder of Velocity.)