The live Google Sheet export from Asana - limited to 250 rows of data

Would like for the live updating spreadsheet function that pairs between Asana and Google sheets to have an unlimited number of rows for data entry. At my job we have 100s of tasks that I would like to be able to have a live export for and currently it is limited to 250 for live updates. Unito doesn’t seem to work

I totally get your frustration with the Asana-Google Sheets integration limits. I was in the same boat with hundreds of tasks needing a live export but hitting that 250-row ceiling. But guess what? I found a workaround that’s been a game-changer!

The magic solution? Google Sheets scripts. I set up a script that syncs my projects and tasks, running hourly or daily. It uses API requests to fetch all the data I need from Asana, tasks, or projects, no matter how many. And we’re talking way beyond the 250-row limit. Sure, there are some API limitations to keep in mind, but it’s a vast improvement.

You can go down two routes here: either use Google App Scripts directly or leverage an extension for API queries in Google Sheets.

If this sounds like a solution you’re interested in, I’d love to help you set it up. Just give me a shout with your workflow details, and I’ll walk you through it. Here’s my contact form: My new form.