Google Sheets sync truncated

Our team’s projects need far more rows than 250. I saw in another thread that the cvs export limit issues has been addressed but the limit to sync is still an issue. I would like to use the sync to automate our reporting process but this limit makes this impossible. Any ideas?

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You are referring to the Portfolio <> Google sync?
The limit for the number of projects in a portfolio should now be 500, maybe the sync also works for 500?

Hi Bastien,

We use a project in place of a program because Asana doesn’t have programs. This workaround means that each “task” in our Asana solution is a project. I have a program with hundreds of tasks (projects) that I wish to sync. Make sense? I wish to automate the extract for a number of reasons but since the sync truncates at 250 at the project level I’m suck exporting.


Then which sync are you talking about?
The Project<>Sheet sync that you could ask the support to set up is going away, is this the one?

You could use Zapier to recreate the sync, I built a prototype for a client recently.

It’s the export > sync to Google sheets feature. It is truncating to 250 rows. Most projects have more than 250+ tasks so would be good to have the ability to export and sync the full project.