Google Sheets Sync Truncated at 250 Rows


I just noticed this and looking for some help.

We have a Summary Project for all of our Project Milestones, that syncs to a Google Sheet. From there we play with delays/lags to forecast and resource load our contractors. Is there a way to get the Google Sheets sync to allow for more than 250 rows? I love how the data syncs realtime vs. having to update via exporting a report. And 3rd party integrations (Zapier, Integromat) don’t seem to have the ability to pull as much data as the build in Google Sheets sync.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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We just discovered the same issue. We have just started to trial a couple of plug in’s that may assist you.

Thank you for these! I hope to test some alternatives in the coming weeks, and these look very helpful. We’ve also done a little more than dabble with Google Data Studio with great results. It’s free, intuitive, powerful, but now it seems we’ve lost our method of feeding it thorough/reliable data.