Google Sheets - IMPORDATA Truncated at 250 rows

Hi Everyone! I believe this question has been asked a few times before, but since we are at March 2022, I was wondering if by any chance there has been a solution to the “Truncated at 250 rows” issues when syncing Asana with Google Sheets?

My team just surpassed the 250 rows, and they want to see the data in real time. I have set a few pivot tables and charts that automatically feed from the raw data imported from asana. I won’t be able to manually export/import a CSV from Asana to bypass this issue.

Has anything been research about this? I don’t think I will be able to use an external API to get this solved since it’s sensitive data.

Thank you

Hey @Derek_Feher and welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Here is an old thread but seems they haven’t really been able to find a solution either.

Maybe this would help: Don't truncate CSV project exports - #40 by Andrea_Mayer ?

Otherwise Bastien seems to be able to build a tool for this: Don't truncate CSV project exports - #22 by Bastien_Siebman

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer Thank you so much for your reply! I was recently contacted by a Asana Support member and was told that the “Export to Google Sheets” Function in Asana was deprecated, but since some users/organizations still needed it, they left it available without support.

I’m shocked about that decision since I can’t find anywhere that Asana made that choice. Second, the integration was seamless. Now I’ve been pointed in the direction to use a 3rd Party Connector, and so far it has been a nightmare to map the results since my organization uses Custom Fields.

So far the “Truncated at 250 rows” doesn’t seem like a bug, but more like an intended feature.

Yaiks I see :frowning: Definitely do not forget to upvote here Don't truncate CSV project exports in hopes Asana might improve this in the future

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