Don't truncate CSV project exports



A few weeks ago, I noticed that a CSV project export was missing some tasks. After quite a lot of research and a few emails with Asana support, I was informed:

One thing to note is that CSV exports are truncated at 3000 lines as the export limit. This is why you are seeing tasks missing.

This is quite problematic, for a number of reasons. The biggest issue for us is that we use the project exports 1) to backup our editorial calendar, and therefore need them to be complete, and 2) to create an interactive database in Excel that pulls together data from a few different sources. Limiting the export to 3000 lines (without clearly indicating what tasks are being omitted) makes it very difficult to keep both of these things up to date.

I recognize that there may be technical challenges to exporting especially large projects, but I think there are a few different solutions that would be better than the current approach, including:

  1. Clearly communicate the necessary row limit for project exports, indicating which tasks were included and which tasks were excluded. (OK)
  2. Automatically break the export into multiple CSV files. (Better)
  3. Increase the limit for CSV exports from 3,000 rows to something like 50,000 rows. (Best)



@Matt_Tully, thank you for your feedback, and for sharing your awesome use case with Asana! I’m interested to know more about your interactive database, and what kind of information/reporting you get from that database, too.

To your specific question, we truncated the export for performance reasons. That being said, two workarounds that might help:

  • You could generate an Advanced Search and export that search instead. So, for example, you could only export Tasks that are due this week, or were modified last week, etc. in order to narrow in on the number of Tasks you need to export.
  • You can also write an API script that would allow you to export the entire project. If you’re interested in learning more abou that, I’m sure @Matt_Bramlage, our Head of Developer Relations, can help with the details :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your feedback!


Hey Sara, I’m noticing my CSV is being truncated now to 2000 rows. It used to be 3000 and now it’s 2000. Was there a change?

The workaround is very annoying and we had a good process going using the .csv that I’m afraid we have to revise now. Can you please increase the limit?


@Sara and @Matt_Bramlage - can you advise?

The reduction to 2000 rows is making it even more complicated now.
I have a whole project that has just over 2000 rows, including sub tasks.


Just want to add my voice here, truncating advanced search and project results is absolutely miserable. Why would you assume everyone using Asana can write some code/software if we want to make a backup or archive of our projects? The full organization export is not a sufficient replacement, it lacks project info, and it also relies on some level of coding knowledge to get much use out of.

If you want users like me to feel good about using Asana permanently, you must provide us an easy way to access all of our information. You can’t bury it behind code.

I understand wanting to improve performance, but at what cost?


Right now i am receiving a message “Truncated at 250 rows.”
Why that?
Is there a way to receive the last completed tasks?