CSV Export Options

I would love to have some options available when exporting a project as CSV. We have 250+ people in Asana but still have 750+ not in Asana. Limitations exporting data are a pain point when onboarding new teams to using Asana. New teams often still have to work with others who aren’t using Asana, and exporting data is critical to that. Specially we have trouble with:

  • Exports are limited to 2000 rows of data
  • Exports automatically include subtasks, which count against the 2000 row limit. If every task in a project has 9 subtasks, then you can only export 200 tasks at a time.

Existing workaround for these issues are:
-Filter tasks to export by date, until you can export batches smaller than 2000, and combine those exports manually
-Duplicate a project but don’t duplicate subtasks - useful if you just want the parent tasks exported, but this duplication took 90 minutes for my large project
-Build my own export workflow using Tray.io - this only works for high impact data and isn’t something I have time to customize for every team

Features that would be helpful:
-Option to export tasks in the project only, not subtasks (if I subtask was also part of the project directly, I would expect this to be included in the export
-An indication of how many tasks/rows I was attempting to export - I had to split a project 3 times in order to export less than 2000 rows once; it wasn’t fun when I split the project in half only to find I still had over 2000 rows in each half

I’m a fan of saying “just use Asana and don’t export”, but recently this came up as a reason for a team to avoid using Asana altogether.

We’ve also started using Asana as a place to aggregate a very specific set of data that comes from multiple teams. An analyst then exports the data from Asana and uses other tools to look at the data in more detail. Asana has been great here as a way to standardize and collect data, and to give us a quick view into the data with dashboards/reporting, but we still need the full export, which gets challenging because of the two limitations above. Thanks

Did you consider using the advanced search to filter out the subtasks, and then export?

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HI @Anthony_Tamalonis, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

To ensure each request is clear and other Forum members can vote for the specific feature they would like to see in the future, please open a separate thread for each request :slight_smile:

Thank you!