Export tasks into excel sheet?

Anyone know if I can export tasks in a project into an excel sheet?

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Hi @Frankie_Leonard,

Is not possible to export tasks directly to an excel sheet, but you can export them in CSV format and import the CSV file in excel.

You can find more information on how to export tasks in CSV format in this guide article.

I hope this information helps :slight_smile:


@Frankie_Leonard, If you need more flexible export to CSV (for Excel), you can use Asana2Go from any List view (My Tasks, Project, Search Results). See the CSV - Detailed format as an example, but you can customize your own CSV output easily.


for more on Asana2Go. Disclaimer: I’m the creator.




Hi Larry,

I really like what you have done with Asan2Go. It does make exporting the information far easier; particularly for someone with no coding experience and new to Asana like myself.

My query to you is, can you export a table with all subtasks. That could be two or three levels of subtasks deep? Potentially also with comments under each subtask…?

Thanks Larry.


Apologies; I probably should have put an @lpb at the start of my previous reply…

Hi @Phil_Bowles, and thanks for the nice remarks on Asana2Go!

In answer to your questions, I’m assuming you’re talking about CSV export, not an HTML/PDF output (both are possible:

  • table with all subtasks: Yes, this is possible, though I don’t have a pre-made format for that. Examples of HTML output that do this are “Table - Including Subtasks” and “List - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks”
  • …two or three levels of subtaks deep: No, sorry, just one level deep
  • …with comments: Sorry, Comments aren’t supported.

Hope that’s clear.

Thanks again,


Hi @lpb,

Thank you for your reply.

So to your knowledge, there is no way of getting subtasks two or three levels deep out of Asana?


@Phil_Bowles, I was just replying to your question on Asana2Go. Perhaps https://bridge24.com/ or @James_Carl’s apps can help, or others at Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana?

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Hi Barbara,
I checked the resource you linked to, and I found how to export a project. But not how to export a Task. Did I miss it?

So far the only solution I found to this problem is to convert tasks to projects, and then exporting them.

@Eric5, Asana doesn’t offer export of specific task(s) but you can do that by simple paste or by file + import with Asana2Go. (Disclaimer: I’m the creator.)


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I suggest there are two suitable solutions for you:

  1. If you need to load Asana tasks unidirectionally for reporting and sharing, you can do it using Skyvia Query Excel add-in: https://skyvia.com/excel-add-in/asana
  2. If you want to export and store Asana data in file storage (e. g. Dropbox, Box, Onedrive, etc), you can do it automatically on a schedule with the help of the Skyvia Export tool: https://skyvia.com/connectors/asana

Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Skyvia development team, so if you have any questions about the product feel free to ask me.

Hi all just wondering if there is an easy way to export the Asana Board with the likes? We are trying to prioritise tasks using likes. I could always count them manually but maybe there is a way to do it in a less manual way?

Thanks and regards

@Alexander_Grabe, Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

exports likes to CSV just by choosing the CSV - Detailed output format if that might work for you.


Hi All - I see that it’s possible to export a Project, but is it possible to export all projects within a Team all at once? Or do you have to go project by project?

Hey @Jenn_Ko,

Maybe this helps: Export All Data from Asana - #9 by Pawel_Swiderski

And this integration seems to offer export options as well.