Easiest way to export task to excel


I know there is an option: Export to CSV, but that is not easy. You need to wait for an email and then you can download the CSV. Is there another way to export the tasks of a project in a simple way to Excel?

Thanks in advance.


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@Niels_Oomen, You might find Asana2Go easier (disclaimer: I’m the creator); you can export from Asana without even a file and import to Excel with just a paste:




Hi @Niels_Oomen ,

I believe if your project is small enough, using the export to CSV option immediately downloads it. For larger projects, I don’t know of another way to do this short of building (or using, if it exists) some kind of integration to Office.

I second this. Asana2Go is an excellent tool!

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Hi @lpb. I will have a look. Is it correct that it only works with Google Chrome?

@lpb Is there a way to have to have Customer fields to an individual collumn?



Asana2Go works in Chrome, MS Edge, Opera, and Brave.

The Table - Interactive format will show one column with the values of every custom field on the task.

To have a single column, you’d need to create a custom report which requires knowledge at the level of someone who maintains a website (or can fake it by learning from example).

In this post, the very last link is an intro video to Asana2Go. The last 2+ minutes demonstrate starting with an existing format and making a change to it. That’s what you would do, and use {{lookup custom_fields_simple 'MY CUSTOM FIELD NAME'}}



Hi @lpb thanks for the feedback. I will have a look into that.

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Just to mention, Asana also syncs with Google Sheets.

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Great point, @Shun_Sakurai. And I think that same mechanism may work with Excel (it used to, at least; there is an old Forum post saying that, as I recall).

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