Problem with CSV export


I’m running into a problem when exporting my project task in a csv format. I try to convert it into excel but i get that where most of the colum are empty and a single task in divided in multiple row (a single task put info on 30 different row with multiples blank space). What did i do wrong ?

IMO that is because the comma is used to switch columns in csv export while the comma is used in “normal” text too. Facing similar problems and would wish to have the choice which separation symbol could be used

Thanks a lot for the explanation ! it’s really appreciated and will maybe help me find a way around. Hope Asana will provide a simple way to export the task.

Hi @Marion_Bertrand-Huot , welcome to the forum :wave:

@Andreas_Balster is most likely correct; if your task names or fields include commas, they will mess things up in Excel.

You may want to try using this method in Excel to import your CSV from Asana:
Create a new/blank Excel document, then go to the ‘Data’ tab and then select ‘From Text/CSV’.

I have found that this method imports better than simply opening the CSV file in Excel.
It also adds colours and filters to your headers, automatically. :wink:


Thank you, I’ll try. We use Asana for the documentation of weekly meetings, and PDF printing is definitely not the way. The csv should serve as a protocol for the progress that has been made.

Seems to work, thank you so much. I am not sure though if the comments would be exported too, but will find out. In EXcel 2016 it looks like this (alas in German)


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Thank you - A LOT. You made my day.


Hi @Andreas_Balster , glad to help!
Unfortunately comments are not exported from Asana into a CSV. :person_shrugging:

Always happy to make someone’s day :smiley:

Well that‘s a pity but still good to know. At least I‘m prepared for the next time.

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