Don't truncate CSV project exports

They do not want to run away easily :slight_smile: A work around will be greatly appreciated if anyone has an easy fix.

I could build a tool that would allow to export beyond the limit, would you be interested?

Here is a new problem with the workaround for CSV projects: If, when you divide your search, you happen to have projects that do not all have identical fields, you can end up with different columns in your resulting CSVs. Then it might theoretically take you some time to discover the error when you try to combine the separate CSVs into a single file.
If Asana did not truncate, this would not happen – the single CSV dump would include every field in all the projects.

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This is something that I like many people had to find out the hard way with data suddently missing. There is no notification on when a search may pull more then 2000 lines whic means it can be sometimes a trial and error and time consuming to make sure you dont lose your data. Right now we use CSV exports to do our reporting on hours and tasks for individuals and for each project. I pull these numbers sometimes weekly because if we were to leave it to a month or longer I could end up having to do multiple exports with different dates to make sure no information was lost. It also means whenever I need to look for something over the past few months I have to make multiple exports and group them together in another file.

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would love a script if you made one

@Jeff_McNeal I did not build it, reach out to me privately if you want to discuss dertails.

I’m finding this extremely frustrating as I have a lot of data in Asana that I can’t cleanly export. To help with truncating at 2000 lines, it would be good to have an option when choosing to export to CSV to remove subtasks from that export. Then I can cleanly export my main tasks within the project.

I have tried to auto-export where I’m syncing to Sheets, however this truncates at 250 rows. That is hardly any data, when considering thousands of rows. Sheets has a 5MM cell limit so I know its not on that end.


Thank you! This is such a massive pain, and a huge issue with the “workaround” of manually dividing your search.