Google Sheet Automation with Asana Exorts


I am working on a status report system, that basically takes 30-50 projects and gathers all the relevant data of each, and updates a single project with all that data, we wrote it in python and works great.
The manual next step is to send that data into google spreadsheets, we are using Asana Exports and works great. We have the graphs we want.
Last manual step is to use App Scripts (google) to do some last things and send an email via gmail.

  1. How from the Asana API can I get the Asana Exports URL that needs to be used in google spreadsheet?
  2. How can I run inside App Scripts the asana exports? I want to avoid the human copy and past, and click.

Hi @Daniel_Castro4,

There are two exports available to be produced via the Asana API: