API calls to sync project details through json or csv.

Hi guys,
I want to fetch my project information on daily basis through CSV files, which works great when i use the export tool on asana.com , is there a better way to get the CSV through the API.I cannot find a solution and am very confused. I don’t want to go to asana.com everyday so i am going to create a scheduled script which runs on a daily basis to fetch this data in case any changes are made by my team members.
Thank you.

Hi @Gurdeepsingh_Yadav and welcome to the forum!

The only built-in capability to generate an export via the API is with an Organization Export. However, those are only available if your organization is on the Enterprise-level subscription. If you are, I would definitely use the Organization Export. If not, the only API-based alternative is for you to write a program that gets your data from Asana and then build your own CSV files from that data.

There are also 3rd-party tools that can provide you with this type of export capability; I’m not familiar with them specifically for this purpose but some of them might reply here, and you can check the Asana App Directory as well if you’re interested in that type of solution.

Hi @Phil_Seeman,
Thank you for the help, i guess i am going to create a CSV on my own using the data.
Appreciate your help.

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