Autoexport JSON for Asana

Hello! I’m new to asana and was wondering if we can find a way to auto export a project using JSON, I would like to build a read-only app that feeds from our asana board. We’re using a free subscription. Any thoughts?

Hi @Erick_Acevedo,

You can export to JSON via the Asana web app’s UI, but there’s no programmatic API access to that capability. You might find something in an integration tool like Zapier.

@lpb could Asana2Go help here?

@Jerod_Hillard any thoughts?

@Erick_Acevedo and @Phil_Seeman,

I don’t think Asana2Go can add much here because it doesn’t auto-export; you have to request it, so the other suggestions should good to me.



Hi @Phil_Seeman and @Erick_Acevedo!

I’m not familiar with exporting JSON but if you have less than 250 lines in a project you might find it helpful to use the Google Sheets integration which can serve as your read-only access. There are a few instances where I do this myself - repackage the data to share with non-Asana users.

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@Erick_Acevedo, By the way, if you find CSV easier to achieve from Asana (or from Asana2Go), there are many tools like CSV to JSON - CSVJSON to create JSON from CSV.


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