Automating New Tasks to Google Sheets


I am trying to use asana for recruitment to a program I am in charge of.

I have used asana for this during my last cohort and it worked great. However it took time for my committee to fill out each applicants info into a google sheet so I’m looking to automate this.

Currently I have one automation that I use zapier for:

  • When I receieve an email with the applicants application it forwards the application to the asana project I have. This allows it to create a new task with all of the information from the email in the description of the task. However there are scores and items I need my committee to input into the task.

For example:

I’m trying to find a way to get those items into a google sheet when they input it into the tasks.

I am using zapier and I am trying to link them however I can are there any suggestions?

Welcome @Zayn_Silva
the best recommendation I can give is to look at: