Dynamic Updates between Asana fields and Google Sheet cells

Hi all -

My team has certain pieces of the process that will stay working in Google Sheets, but I am trying to capture the analytic bits in Asana (to live with the rest of our numbers). Currently we are manually updating custom fields (counts generated in Sheets) in Asana tasks, but I am wondering if there is any way to dynamically link certain fields with certain cells in sheets. I did read that some of the apps are good to pull in Tasks, but I am looking for a 1-way (and ideally potentially 2-way) dynamic link for data.

Is there a way to do this without it being just a bottomless cost pit?

Thank you!!


Hey @Angie_Lawrence, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Here is a feedback request thread that seems to kind of fit?

A workaround was mentioned too

Thank you Andrea!

I’m looking to do this without the slog of export/import. I’d love just a dynamic integration where it (likely via API or connector) says “This specific cell in Google sheets was updated to this - corresponding field in Asana sees said update and updates it.” Typically these are just numbers so it would carry real-time counts to Asana as I have placeholder Tasks holding image counts. We then feed these with other in-Asana data into Dashboards together.

I know that’s a hefty ask, but just wondering if there was any way the integrations/links can get that granular or if Asana even allows for that sort of touch.

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