Dynamic Worksheet Attachments

With all the different integrations Asana offers, is there a way to attach a dynamic spreadsheet - google doc or sharepoint doc that will allow multiple people to update this sheet as well as update within the project?

Do you mean, for example, in a Google Sheet each row is a task, when people update the task in Asana it updates the Google Sheet; when people update the Google Sheet, it updates Asana?

I don’t know of anything that is point and click. But it can be done with Zapier Zapier
or writing scripts Here’s an example

Depending on your use case/scenario, we are working on an integration (not a Google Sheet) that may help (its more for Project Managers, Designers, Developers who are collaborating on web projects

It lets you markup anything in a web browser, with virtual post-it notes that create tasks in Asana. Its a 2 way sync, so stakeholders, clients, team members can view, comment, change status, etc inside Asana, and watch as the notes update. https://getsifta.com

I guess I’m curious how a Sharepoint OR googledoc will work - are you still downloading it from Asana, making changes, saving and re-uploading?

My team will attach the link to edit a sharepoint doc inside tasks rather than attaching a version (copy) of the document. Alternatively, we might reference a local file path.

It doesn’t allow the best visibility within Asana like you’d get by uploading and attaching, but linking ensures we don’t have 15 different versions of the same document floating around.

I see - and if there was an update, those people would have to be proactive and add in a comment or mark a task complete - there wouldn’t be a way Asana would be updated?

Correct. You could add subtasks for each person who needed to modify the document, but the updates would ultimately be manual, unless you managed to come up with a zap.

I think the the simple answer is download, change, upload. Otherwise get someone to build an Asana script that integrates with Google docs.

we use a custom field named “LINK” to have clearly visible the file path of our files. It’s then easy to copy and paste into the explorer. It is not a dynamic worksheet in Asana, but it is the best way we’ve found!

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