Asana & Google Docs & VoiP Auto


I´m not sure if I saw this kind of integration already somewhere, but after investigating I still have no solution.

  1. We got an google sheet:

If someone of it is already existing it will be directed to it. If not, the Team/Project or Task will be created.

Row A (Team)

Row B (Project)

Row C (Task)

Row D (Subtask)

Row E (Attachment link)

  1. Every customer is a Task in Asana. He got phonenumbers as subtasks. when we got an incoming call our system is making automatically a recording of this phonecall. How is it possible to get Asana to that that it will automatically save the recording to the right Asana subtask? So for example Project (Webpages) Customer (CocaCola), Phone number (12345) = save here as attachment. So that means when there´s a incoming call he should automatically search for a task who´s named after the caller ID and save the recording there. If there is no task named like it, it should be saved automatically under a “random” folder and moved afterwards manually.

There are probably other integrations out there, but one I use and am most familiar with is Zapier.

What program/how are you recording the call or where is it being stored (since you said ‘attachment link’ I assume it’s being housed/uploaded somewhere)?

You could do something simple and just have a zap set up where the attachment link (row e) is just submitted to Asana as a comment.