Need help automating something from Gmail, Google Sheets with Asana

I get spreadsheets from a few clients that are basically plywood cut lists, shared as a Google Sheets document. Is there a way to set up an automatic trigger somehow that would create a task in Asana for me with perhaps the spreadsheet title somewhere in the Task name or description?

Here’s the situation-- I use Asana mostly for communicating billing information to our invoicing dept. It’s really easy for a small job to get lost in the shuffle and fail to ever even get placed into Asana. I haven’t done that yet, but business is increasing and it’s going to happen.

These jobs are always Google Sheets spreadsheets shared with me. I tried setting a Gmail filter that automatically shares anything sent to my Project’s “import via email address”, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m also trying to avoid Zapier for various reasons, I’m hoping to stay as native to Asana and Google Sheets as possible.

So can anyone offer suggestions on how to automatically trigger a task to show up in my Asana project when a Google Sheets doc is shared with me? The task doesn’t have to have a whole lot of data-- just as long as the title of the Spreadsheet shows up somewhere in that task, it will suffice as the beginning of the invoicing procedure.

@Matt5 - yes, you could set up an automatic forward from Gmail. But, there’s no way to customize the task title (which comes from the email subject line) without the use of a 3rd-party automations tool. (Zapier, Integromat/Make, Unito, ZZbots, or about 25 other possibilities).

If you are avoiding Zapier for cost reasons, there are plenty of other options. But, to do this, you are going to need 3rd party automations tool.

It’s a very, very simple automation to set up though.
If you’d like, you can book 1 free 15-min help mtg with me and I can help you set it up in Integromat/Make. It’s very likely we’ll be able to do it using a free-level account.

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I agree with @Bry_ProjectKickstart that there is no build in solution for this and a 3rd party integration will be needed.

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For some reason, the forwarding doesn’t work. In fact, creating a task via email isn’t working at all, even if it’s a new (non-forward) email of any sort. I need to revisit the instructions, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

@Matt5 - what email are you sending it to?
And, what email are you sending from?

To create a personal task: send to
To create a task in a specific project: send to the project-specific email (which you can find under the dropdown menu next to a project title > import > email (and it will display the project-specific email address)

For Asana to recognize your email, you need to send from an email address that is linked to your account. To see which emails are tied to your account, go to My Settings > Email Forwarding > and check your list of emails. You can add a new linked email from there. If you have access to multiple Asana orgs, you can choose where to create the tasks based on each sender email.

I’ve gone through the settings and everything was as it should be. Since this is a different topic I decided to start a dedicated thread earlier this morning.

My IT guy suggests that there’s some setting in Asana somewhere (other than where we just discussed) about integrating Asana with Google Workspace.

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