Automating the creation of Tasks using Google Sheets?

I’m looking for a way of creating a task in Asana by using information taken directly from a Google Sheets Spreadsheet. This could be by exporting something from Sheets and uploading to Asana, or even better, something even more automated that I basically “trigger” from within the Google Sheets doc to create the Asana task.

The backstory here— I have a Google Sheets document that is an order template that my clients use for ordering product. Currently, for each order, I have to manually create an Asana task for each (complete with Task Name, Asignee, due date, etc). The chances for human error are quite high and potentially costly.

I am especially needing to be able to do the following by creating/importing the task from Google Sheets:

  1. Apply Tags
  2. Place the task in a specific Project
  3. Create Task Name, Due Date, Asignee, based on data within the spreadsheet.
  4. Post in the Description information drawn from several data cells.

Any suggestions? I’d love to get as close to this being automated and triggered from within the Google Sheets document as possible. Such as, the moment the document is shared with me, the task is created in Asana. Or perhaps “as soon as the ‘job-name’ cell contains data”, the task is created in Asana.

Is this possible? What are my options?

Hi @Matt5, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

This is something you can achieve with Zapier, please find more details in the link below:

I hope this helps!


I forgot about Zapier, thanks!

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Hi @Matt5, this is definitely possible using 3rd-party tools. If you’d like assistance, please feel free to reach out:

I am trying to get this to work and I can get that first “test” zap to work (task created).

However I cannot get the zap to create further tasks when the trigger column is edited, and when I re-run the test (with the trigger column values changed to a different value), the zap works but it uses the previous (old) value rather than the updated value.

In other words----- My trigger is the “Task Name” column in Google Sheets. Column B is the column where “Task Name” will be entered. Every time a “Task Name” is edited, I want the zap to trigger a new task with the updated “Task Name”.

So far I can make the first test-zap work, but editing the “Task Name” does not create a new Asana task. If I re-run the test-zap (even after reloading the document) it still creates a task with the older “task name”, not the updated one.

Hopefully this makes sense to someone and can help me find out why I can’t get the zap to work.

And yes, I definitely have the Zap turned on.