How do I automatically push data collected in an Asana form to Google Sheets?

I have a project being used as a help desk where users can submit help tickets to be resolved by a dedicated support group. It’s all internal (users and support group are all employees). The button at the top right of the project page labeled “Customize” brings up a menu with six options where the fourth option is “Forms”. There are several forms that collect information regarding specific requests. Whenever a user submits a form, the form data gets dumped into a new task in the project. I want to configure Asana so that the data from the form also gets delivered automatically to a Google Sheet that all employees would have permissions to edit. How do I do this? “Rules” looked promising, but there are no integrations for Google Sheets or Google Drive.


This isn’t a native integration that Asana offers. A product like Zapier could help you achieve this.


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