Asana2Go Adds New Projects Dashboard/Roll-Up Feature

Is there a way to show the tasks associated with each project, in the project box? This is getting close to what I am looking for.


Not currently in the standard Projects Dashboard format provided because that’s intended to stay high level like Portfolios showing you metadata (but not task details) of a set of projects.

There’s another Asana2Go standard format called “Cards” that prints one card per task, and in every card there’s an expand/collapse twisty to show all the task’s immediate subtasks. That looks like this:

It may be possible in Asana2Go to make a custom report to use with selections in an advanced search across projects that shows cards including tasks (and optionally immediate subtasks) for each project.


This isn’t a complete example, however, it is what I’ve drafted to show how I would like to view my current tasks.

I’ve looked at the Portfolio demos and the concept is great, however, the Projects pulled into the portfolio do not show the tasks associated with it – only status and overall completion rate.

Here is another way I’d like to view My current projects:

@Brenda, We should probably take this offline or at least into another thread (esp. if you’d like to lobby Asana to consider adding another My Tasks view like this). A lot can be done with Asana2Go so we could explore that; I’m available for custom work in Asana2Go. Feel free to private message me here or at Contact Trilogi



I guess I was just wondering if there was a way to configure a view or a Project for projects that I am not seeing how to accomplish.

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@Bastien_Siebman. Any thoughts on this? Do you know if there is a current way to configure a view like this or the one above?

Asana has 4 views: list, board, timeline and calendar, without much customization. What you are asking is more like a dashboard, that could be built using existing dashboard solutions or with a custom dev (that I could do).

Where are the dashboard solutions within Asana?

I did find it on the Home page. It doesn’t look like I can do much except switch between list and tile view.

There are none, I was referring you 3rd party solutions. Have a look at The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana or contact me for a custom solution.

Asana2Go keeps asking me to login to Asana but I already am. I even logged out and back in, but it is still asking. Any advice?

Yes I can help (I’m the creator of Asana2Go). So as not to clutter up this board with Asana2Go support, I’ve private messaged you so we can take this offline.



I keep getting the same message, please log in to Asana first; even though I am logged in with my Google account (via SSO).

@Ebru_Seiwert, I’ll PM you here to resolve, or feel free to contact me here for support: Contact Trilogi



I just installed the promising Asana2go.
I get a “please sign in to asana first” message, but I’m already signed in to Asana.
I disconnected and reconnected Asana and it still doesn’t work with Asana2go.
Is it possible to help me please?

Thank you

I’ve just replied in a private message here to you, @Myriam_Baril-Boiscla.

Does percent complete , actually calculate the percent complete based on duration of tasks and time taken or just tasks completed/total tasks?

Welcome, @Susan_Zohdi,

Actually, that’s just an example of a custom field you’d manually set as you wish, but displayed as a meter in Asana2Go.

For auto calculation based on tasks completed, you can see this in Asana Business or Enterprise plans in the Portfolio or Goals features.