Search projects by owner, inactive and by team

I manage all my direct reports projects but it is very hard to quickly pull up the projects each of them are in charge of (project owner). Can you add search options for projects including by Owner, active or inactive, or by Team??

This would be very helpful to us as well (I think most managers will find it valuable). I would like to be able to quickly see a list of projects for a direct report when preparing for a weekly meeting with them.

I would like the ability to find all projects I am following in one place. Currently, I have to “favorite” any project I am engaging often. Other projects can be found in “Recent Projects” on my home page. When, however, I am searching for a project that is neither a favorite nor recent, I am unable to find it. Search results often show tasks within a project, and from there I have to trace back to the parent project. Ideally, I’d like to see a list on the homepage of all “My Projects”. I would like to be able to use this as an archive, meaning that it would have a section for “My Completed Projects” or even “Archive” where I could easily access past projects for reference.

One thing that has always confused me about Asana is the concept of Projects. While things are called “projects” and we can do some things to them like provide status updates (on track, etc), but I can’t actually create a report on projects. I’m confused why this is like this in Asana. Even the Advanced Search only searches tasks and conversations, but not Projects. I’m kind of at a loss on how I would report on our 30+ clients (we use teams for them), each having multiple projects in them.

It seems like Asana should be able to do these things:

  1. Close out a project (aka mark the project complete, in progress, cancelled, etc)
  2. Create reports based single teams, multiple teams, etc that only look at projects
  3. Create those same reports with filters for project status

Even if reporting on the project level was most limiting than reporting on the task level, it would still be extremely useful with a few simple filters:

  • Project status
  • Project owner
  • Number of open tasks
  • Number of completed tasks
  • Start and end date (the one in the status view)
  • Days to completion (which is just math based on the above range)

Just that would be awesome!

Some other possible features include:

  • Number of people involved (task assignments)
  • Custom field usage (like if we set a field to “deliverable” then we can do “number of deliverables”

Anyway, just wondering if I’m missing something, or if there’s a good reason not to report on projects.

Hi @Francesco_Alessi yes there have been lots of comments and topics on this style of project and portfolio reporting within the community. If you do a quick search within the community you should be able to find the threads which have a number of work arounds. If you can’t find anything let me know and I will send you the link.

Also have a look at this post into he guide as it maybe of assistance.


Thanks Jason, I should have been more clear. I know about the google sheets export, though that doesn’t work across teams, or even within teams to my knowledge, it’s just a project by project connection.

I was more inquiring as to WHY Asana doesn’t report on the project level? While providing a suggestion on how it should work. I may be missing something on the backend of why Asana can’t report on these things, but it just seems like it would be able to. So my post was more about the why of it all.

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No worries, @Francesco_Alessi.

Is this still the case? If there’s several posts around with workarounds and Google Sheets (which some enterprise organizations block, by the way) - why wouldn’t Asana be building some of this more capable reporting into the product itself? This is potentially a huge blocker for enterprise organizations from using this tool.

@Harris_Cauler and @Francesco_Alessi, In case you’re not already aware of Asana2Go and this in particular:

…perhaps it could be of use generally with projects and reporting, either with its out-of-the box solutions, or its fully customizable solutions. It’s free to most individuals and businesses. Disclaimer: I created it.