Asana2Go Adds New Projects Dashboard/Roll-Up Feature (and partial relief for Asana Dashboards removal)



Asana2Go now creates projects dashboards with rolled-up information from multiple projects and teams including the latest projects’ Progress Status Updates.

One key use is as a substitute for some of the functionality of Asana Dashboards which will no longer be available in Asana after Portfolios is released, a new feature with a new tier/fee.

But that’s only one example usage. You might need to report across multiple projects for various reasons, and A2G formats are customizable.

Note that Asana2Go does not offer a solution for either the graph of incomplete/completed task counts, nor for the Google Sheets Sync Dashboard features.

Demo/How-To Video - Asana2Go Projects Dashboard/Roll-ups

Medium Post - Asana2Go Projects Dashboard/Roll-ups (includes above video)

Asana2Go is free for all private and most commercial use (see Asana2Go for details)

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi

A better Dashboard for high level overview
New Homepage 🎉
About Dashboard deprecation
Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business
Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business

Way to go Larry :muscle:


This is such a great new feature, Larry. Really handy for presenting to senior management. Nicely done. :+1:


Just discovered this tool. It’s great. It does reporting just the way Asana should be doing.


This is great!!! Thank you so much! At this point though I started to look elsewhere for an Asana replacement. I can’t get it through my head how we end up paying more when we add users because it adds to the value while features are being removed. This now just cripples my team. What is next? Removing Reports? Not what I expected when the great “Vision” was mentioned.

PS. I received an email today asking me to try out Portfolios for 3 months because Dashboards was being removed soon. In order to keep it, I would need to upgrade to the enterprise. Why couldn’t they leave what we have for premium? And if we wanted new features still provide them on another plan. This whole creating scarcity to capitalize on Asana’s core users is something I can’t further with.


Exact voice as you. Echo what you mentioned.