SCRUM: Creating a burn down charts using custom fields


No need to fill out the project ID. The number is added automatically after you choose the project from the dropdown on left.


  • have you created number custom fields and named it “Estimate”?
  • have you set Estimate value in at least one task to some number?

Now the name of the custom field is hardcoded so it works only with number custom fields named Estimate (if it’s not named Estimate, it won’t work).

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@Adam_Sabla I do have a custom field called estimate. I also set the task value in at least one field. However, I did not see an option to select a project in a drop down. I only saw the option to select the workspace. Looks like that could be the issue.

Would you mind sharing source code so we could take it from there and adapt to our needs/host on our infrastructure?

I tried getting the burn down chart to work for me as well. No luck. It would be so nice to have this functionality available in asana. Any updates @Adam_Sabla?

@Alexis I’m so sorry for a late reply!! Hmm that’s weird. How long have you waited after you selected the workspace? It takes couple seconds to load the projects after you select the workspace. But that should be a matter of seconds, not minutes… Could you try this once again and wait a little longer? :slight_smile: I know it sound’s dumb, but that’s all I got right now :smiley:

@Michael_M Sure! My friend who has built it is abroad on a trip at the moment and will be back next week. Then we’ll make some additional changes and I suppose we will put it on GitHub (but I can’t really talk for my friend).

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@Adam1 we’re testing it. Hopefully next week we’ll add some fixes.

Btw @Michael_M & @Adam1 , have you tried the current version or do you have the same issue as Alexis?

@Adam_Sabla, thanks for getting back to me. I attempted to use your burndown chart for the first time last night so I assume that’s the latest version?

It seems like you would need two custom fields on each task in your asana project. One for “Points Allocated” and another for “Points Remaining”. As a user it would be nice if I could specify the custom fields I’d like to use and not be required to use “Estimate”.

My chart basically looks like @Alexis.

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@Adam1 correct, that’s the latest at the moment (there’s only one version yet).

Yeah, it would be definitely better to be able to select which custom field you want.

It seems like you would need two custom fields on each task in your asana project. One for “Points Allocated” and another for “Points Remaining”.

I think I see your point. So you could break down each task and track progress for it. I imagine this could be great for huge tasks which take a lot of points. Hmmm, I guess it could work, but this isn’t the way we work so I’m a bit sceptical if this would make it there… Maybe you or someone else will later on :slight_smile: we’ll see.

Hey @Adam_Sabla! Any updates on the burn down chart project? You’ve generated enthusiasm from some of the folks on my team and we’re curious if there’s anything new we should know about :slight_smile: Thanks for your energy and for sharing something so cool with the Community!

Hi @Alexis,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry for such a slow progress! Yes, I’m aware :smiley:

My friend who was/is developing it had to put focus into something else for a while.

I didn’t pressure him as it’s kinda ‘pro bono’ thing from his side and we didn’t need the burndown that much during past weeks (we will need it more most likely in upcoming weeks).

I’ll report back as soon as I’ll have anything to report :slight_smile:

Meanwhile - you can check the designs that I drafted. We’ll be dressing it into it. We already got the domain
Dropbox - Export - Simplify your life

Still, I rather give no promises about a deadline or whatsoever :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you for the update, Adam. We’ll be excited to learn more if and when there’s an update.

wow that’s perfect! Signing up!

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My post was hidden so reposting it here…

Just wanted to let you know that we’re planning to support Asana in the near future in our analytics dashboard ( Once that is released you’ll get burnup & burndown charts and more for your Asana boards. You can sign up to the early access list to be notified once the beta is available.

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Great designs! If you put it on github I’d like to use this for my team so I’m open to taking a crack at if there are any fixes that need to be done. I imported everything, made a field called “Estimate” but still only see a linear graph. Feel free to let me know if you need help open sourcing it.



I’ll ask my friend who coded it to put it to GitHub. I’ll push my Sketch files to it then :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if my friend is not somewhere on vacation at the moment, so it might take couple days.


@Tyler_Slater, here you go:

Should I bother with adding the .sketch file?

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Hi Alexis, can you give me the configuration you are using when importing CSV?

It should be fine without them. I’ll just match them to the previous designs you provided and then that won’t be necessary. Thanks for sharing!

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@Adam_Sabla What does the “Real” pull from
I have the “Estimate” field in there and it is filled in - but How does the “Real” line on the graph get pulled - Did that question make sense?

Asana can be integrated with Pivotal Tracker. PT is a hell of a lot more lightweight than Jira, and is fully scrum: