Comparison Charts like Burnup?

Is there anyway to compare estimated time to actual time reported easily and visually within reporting dashboards? Also, is there a way to do simple utilization comparisons for time on task vs administrative time? These are things our Ops group routinely monitors for biz health but don’t seem easily possible in Asana’s reporting dashboard. It would seem to me that a multiple line graph or more customizable burnup-esque comparison would bring reporting a long way toward being a one-stop-shop for metrics.

This is indeed not available yet, stacked chart or multi line would be cool.

Hi @Bastien_Siebman - any ideas on workarounds or 3rd party tools, please? Struggling with this (much as I hate to admit it!)

Hi @Jon_Cunningham , Screenful looks quite impressive but I haven’t tried it yet. Let me know what you think, if you try it!

Thanks @Richard_Sather! Will take a look!

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Having a multiple line graph would be amazing. In my case I’d love to see the different options of a custom field be the Y axis and then weeks as an X axis so we could easily compare the number of items within a specific custom field type week over week

Hi, @Christina_P @Jon_Cunningham (thanks for the mention @Richard_Sather). Screenful indeed has many of the charts mentioned in the thread, including a multiline chart:

and a Stacked bar chart:

You can have a custom field as a Y or X axis. See the complete list of charts on the Tour page.

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Unfortunately, we’re limited to basic Asana so it won’t work for my use case but that looks really nice! Having those available would absolutely improve the reporting functionality for us.