Burnup chart using Custom fields


I just realized that you added Burnup diagrams in the October update. I was quite excited. Then I realized that it just distinguishes between done / undone. Better than nothing, but still doesn’t involve different sized tickets.

In our team we use a custom field “Story Points”. It would be perfect to be able to set done + story points as metric for the diagram.

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This is a great idea @Bennet_Jeutter! We’re just debuting our new Dashboard tab and we’ll be working to improve it and add more chart options in the future. I’ll keep you posted!

With the burnup chart on the dashboard what drives the date range. I would like to ensure it starts on day 1 of our sprints. Changing prj date range does not seem to change the start date of burnup…any advice appreciated. Be good to know what maps the start date on this chart

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to share we just announced the latest reporting feature improvement—a fully customizable Dashboard and custom chart creation! Learn all details about the new features in our announcement: