Charts on project Dashboard

We use a Custom field named “Est. Hours” to assess the work time needed for each time.
We want to see the total “Est. Hours” per day for each project.

When I use the burnup chart, the result presented is misleading and shows (I guess) the hours of all the tasks from the beginning of the project (cumulative data).
When I use the line chart, I can’t choose “day” or “date” as the x-axis.

Anyone has an idea how can I define a chart that will answer our needs?

Hi @Rotem_Yarkoni

Can you share your chart please.

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To confirm, this chart isn’t showing just the last 2 weeks?

It doesn’t seem like that.
I don’t know for what date the x-axis is referring to - the due-date, the completion date, the creation date.

What you are seeing is total est hours (y-axis) on tasks marked complete within the last 2 weeks. When you click on the chart, it is showing you all tasks related to the query, which includes Total tasks.

The burnup compares information. In this case, the Total number of tasks vs the number of tasks Completed. You added the extra dimension of estimated hours.

Thank you,

I don’t think I add dimension - I chose “Est. Hours” as the y-axis instead of “Task Count”.
I expected is to see the total estimated hours for that day.
Instead, I was given a graph that I could not understand the data displayed in it and when I entered the search results, the displayed data is even more confusing and I am presented with tasks that it is not clear to me why they are displayed.

The graph I selected may not be right, but I did not find a graph that would meet my simple need:
Sum of planned “Est. hours” for a day, on a timeline.

Then change the graph to Number.

Ah, I see now. Sorry, you want for a specific time period as well, not just total.

You may want to add this to Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

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